About us


Shop D ’Caribbean is the significant landmark on the world map for Caribbean products. We have launched our website and started selling spices from the island of Grenada that one can only describe as the paradise of exotic spices, also known as "The Spice Isle". The CEO Darrion Louis started the company while at University In Grenada where he studied Information Technology.

He saw the opportunity to retail locally made products from the Caribbean, after completing his studies he moved back to his home of St Lucia. The work continued and the company continued to grow and eventually captured the Entrepreneur of The Year award for the amazing strides in online retail of Caribbean products.
That more or less sums it up. We, at Shop D’ Caribbean, are a group of individuals who have decided to dedicate our lives to spicing up the world with the culture of the Caribbean.
It is our goal at Shop D' Caribbean to share with the world our food, fashion and lifestyle. If you have had a look at our online catalogue, you already know by now that we supply a plethora of Caribbean spices that can liven up any gastronomical delight.
We most recently won the Entrepreneur of The Year Award for our strides in e-Commerce and bringing St Lucia to the world and creating a marketplace where our local products can be sold to the world 
Entrepreneur of The Year Award
And that’s not all! Standing out amidst the crowd of online spice sellers, Shop D’Caribbean delivers only the best products from the Caribbean Region!
That’s right, everything on the catalogue : sea moss, cinnamon, nutmeg or snacks are all produced in the Caribbean.
Other than edible spices, we also produce local cosmetic products made using Caribbean spices, such as coconut and nutmeg soaps. For the complete list of all our products, take a look at our online catalogue.
If you are passionate about a healthy lifestyle  be it you or your family you are yet to experience the climax, if you have not shopped with us.
One of our major exports is Sea Moss from the island of Saint Lucia, in  recent times the demand for this product has increased and we have consistently supplied sea moss worldwide.
Rest assured – Shop D ’Caribbean brings to you the best spices in the world and products from the Caribbean. We are equipped to ship our products worldwide.
Email: info@shopdcaribbean.com
Phone: 1866710222
Shop D' Caribbean has proudly funded multiple St Lucian ventures like Caribbean Moss to support local business.