Banana Bread

What do you do when you have too many bananas sitting around at home? You make Banana Bread  of course ! (but not the...
Beauty and Personal Care
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Baron Banana Ketchup 14 oz

Baron Banana Ketchup is truly an unorthodox product with an exotic tropical flavor. Wholesome St. Lucian bananas are carefully selected and processed with a...
Grocery and Condiments
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Baron Green Seasoning 14 oz

Green seasoning is used many different ways in Caribbean cooking, though its magical talents as a marinade are what draw most people to it....
Grocery and Condiments
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Barons Browning Sauce

Gravy Browning 794ml
Grocery and Condiments
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Barons Green Seasoning

Barons Green Seasoning
Grocery and Condiments

Bay Leaf Tea Bag

• 100% Pure herbal ingredients – nothing added. • Naturally grown botanicals – non-irradiated, GMO free. • Makes the perfect cup of tea –...
Tea Bags
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Big Santa Gift Box

🎅 Big Santa Package which includes 1 Mr. Grinch Soap Bar 1 Cuppa Hot Cocoa Soap Bar 1 Candy Cane Express Soap Bar 1...
Beauty and Personal Care
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Bois Bande & Cinnamon Tea Bag

The rooty flavor of bois bande coupled with the Grenadian Cinnamon that has a sweeter more delicate flavour Even more importantly, Grenadian cinnamon is...
Tea Bags

Bois Bande Powder

Easily add to your shakes, smoothies and much more. Ready to go ! As you need it ! Bois bande or bois bandé is the common name...

Bois Bande Tea Bag

Bois Bande “hard wood” tea bag is a 100% natural tea bag with no preservatives or added ingredients, the bark of the tree of...
Tea Bags

Breadfruit Leaf

What breadfruit leaf is good for? The leaves of breadfruit plants are very effective for treating diseases such as inflammation of the liver (hepatitis),...
Dried Leaf
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Cassava Farine

What is Cassava Farine? Cassava farine is a multi-usage grain derived from the root of the cassava (tapioca) plant. This cassava farine is wheat...
Flour Grocery and Condiments Health

Castor Oil

100% Pure Castor Oil ! St Lucian Local castor beans roasted manually, the traditional way. Naturally processed with no added preservatives Oil colour varies...
Beauty and Personal Care

Chwazey Folder

St Lucia Craft Folder Made by Crafters from the world renowned Choiseul Craft Centre at the heart of La Fargue Choiseul in Saint Lucia. ...

Chwazey Laptop 13.3" Sleeve

St Lucia Handmade Craft Laptop Bag Made by Crafters from the world renowned Choiseul Craft Centre at the heart of La Fargue Choiseul in...

Chwazey Side Bag

St Lucia Handmade Craft Bag Made by Crafters from the world renowned Choiseul Craft Centre at the heart of La Fargue Choiseul in Saint Lucia.  Our...

Cinnamon Leaf

What are the uses of Cinnamon Leaf? Often used in stews, slow-cook recipes and in curries made with coconut milk. A great bay leaf...
Dried Leaf
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Cinnamon Powder

Cinnamon Powder From The Caribbean With its mild woody, exotic flavor and delicate, delightful aroma, cinnamon and cinnamon powder are arguably among the most popular...
Caribbean Spices

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