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Buy Caribbean products from a trusted international supplier of spices, tropical exotic fruits, sea moss right at your fingertip! There’s no place in this world to get a hold of the best products from the region.

St Lucia Entrepreneur of the Year Award

The work of Shop D Caribbean was well recognised and won the award for Entrepreneurship. The e-Commerce platform has allow for many Caribbean products and supplies to be exported to the world.

“The dream is to expand this platform and make it a common marketplace for Caribbean products where expats and visitors who have been to the region who ache for a piece of our Caribbean islands.” – Darrion Louis, Manager   

Spice up your kitchen

Spice Up your Kitchen

With the spices from the Spice Isle

We have the best prices on Caribbean spices and seasonings .

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st lucia Cassava Farine

Cassava Farine, supplied by us, is free from Gluten, Wheat and Preservatives. 

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Grenada Nutmed Spray

Natural Spray Quick Pain relief

Be sure to check out one of our main products: Grenada Nutmeg Spray which is made with oils of the Grenada Nutmeg. It’s normally used for joint pains and muscle aches as well as backaches, muscular aches and pains, neck & shoulder pain, athletic injuries, inflammation of the joints, arthritis, headaches and menstrual cramps.

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We reply to all queries and questions within 24 hours.

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Caribbean Economy

Support of local produce from the Caribbean Region stimulates and expands the local economy, and puts our products on the map in such a unique, yet dynamic fashion.


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We are promoting a sense of community and further joining the islands as one

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We Have Available Nutmed sprayWhole nutmegGround nutmegCinnamon sticksJamsCocoa

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Are you concerned about the shipping time and location of your order. Remember these products are coming from the shores of the Caribbean Region. Our orders are handled by the United States Postal Service in the United States and Royal Mail in the United Kingdom.

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Health Benefits

It is very important that our customers know the health benefits of these wonderful caribbean prodcuts.
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