About us

About us

Caribbean Online Shopping Made Simple

What started as a thought has translated into an international distribution website for Caribbean products.

That more or less sums it up. We, at Shop D’ Caribbean, are a group of individuals who have decided to dedicate our lives to spicing up the world with the culture of the Caribbean. It is our goal at Shop D’ Caribbean to share with the world  our food, fashion and lifestyle.The dream is to expand and make available to our customers a wide array of Caribbean products at the very best prices. Caribbean shopping has been a desire of many shoppers worldwide and we have listened and brought this Caribbean online store to you.

“When I am away and need caribbean seasoning and products this is the caribbean online grocery store I go to”

– Chef Garon Jean

garon jean chef st lucia

How does one describe Shop D’ Caribbean? Quoting one of our regular buyers …

Shop D ’Caribbean is the significant landmark on the world map for Caribbean products. We have launched our website and started selling spices from the island of Grenada that one can only describe as the paradise of exotic spices, also known as “The Spice Isle”.


This Caribbean online shop has made allowance for visitors and island nationals who are away to have a little piece of home again.  If you have had a look at our online catalogue, you already know by now that we supply a plethora of Caribbean spices that can liven up any gastronomic delights.

And that’s not all! Standing out amidst the crowd of online spice sellers, Shop D’Caribbean delivers only the best products from the Caribbean Region.

That’s right, everything on the catalogue –  cinnamon, nutmeg or snacks – are all produced in the Caribbean.

Soon available will be local Caribbean seasonings, coconut oil and much more.

Other than edible spices, we also produce local cosmetic products made using Caribbean spices, such as coconut and nutmeg soaps. For the complete list of all our products, take a look at our online catalogue.

If you are passionate about a healthy lifestyle – be it you or your family – you are yet to experience the climax, if you have not shopped with us. Rest assured  – Shop D ’Caribbean brings to you only the best spices in the world. We are equipped to ship our products worldwide.

Shop D’ Caribbean will soon be adding Caribbean Clothing and Jewelry to our online catalogue.

When You Shop Caribbean

Support of local produce stimulates and expands our own local economy, and puts our products on the map in such a unique, yet dynamic fashionYou are contributing to a new market which will only go from strength to strength.

Not only are we drawing attention to what we have to offer, but also we are simultaneously promoting a sense of community while further joining our islands as one, and continuously showcasing what we have and will continue to offer!  

  • Top quality products
  • Best customer service
  • 30-days money back guarantee

Dedication, Determination and Desire

Shop D’ Caribbean’s entire staff is committed to delivering the very best of the region’s products to you. This team works passionately to support the vision.


This nutmeg soap is a must have it had my acne to clear up in a matter of only two weeks .

 Susan Thompson , Miami, FL

The Guava Jam is as a baking ingredient and by itself or with cream cheese and crackers .

 Lynn Samuel , London, England

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