How did Shop D Caribbean Start?

Shop D Caribbean was founded in November of 2015 while at St George’s University in Grenada. Grenada is better known as the “Spice Isle”, living on the island highlighted the use and abundance of many spices.

As an Information Technology student I quickly started where we made small parcels of Grenada spices available for purchase online. The response was amazing as this was a very valuable commodity that persons searched for online.

As the demand grew, more inquires came from customers via email ( [email protected] ) requesting the addition of new products from the Caribbean region. We listened and started supplying the customers demand. 

In two years we were able to have a full online store with products from Caribbean suppliers. The dream was to always empower our local entrepreneurs and small businesses to have a global presence and be able to ship in 3-5 days. 



Where is Shop D Caribbean Now?

Through the years we have consistently added more products and suppliers from islands all across the Caribbean Region.

We are a group of individuals who have decided to dedicate our lives to spicing up the world with the culture of the Caribbean.

We now share with the world our food, fashion and lifestyle. Caribbean shopping has been the desire of many online shoppers and we have brought it to you. Our products include St Lucian sea moss, cocoa sticks, Caribbean seasonings, St Lucian Craft, tea bags, handmade soap and so much more that we supply.

Our Caribbean sea moss is a superior brand and we ensure we work closely with the Department of Fisheries in St Lucia and also Agriculture. In recent times we have seen this product being the most sort after product and we have quickly become the best Caribbean sea moss distributor and supplier.

The power of Shop D Caribbean in the recent times has been the ability to empower small local suppliers to have a platform and market for locally made Caribbean products and being able to get these products to consumers and businesses worldwide in record time.

Finding markets and distributions channels have been one of the major barriers affecting our region, we have been dedicated to ensuring new markets for our local people.

Most recently Shop D Caribbean captured the Entrepreneur of The Year Award in St Lucia as the Chamber of Commerce highlighted and rewarded Shop D Caribbean for the continued progress in enabling our local suppliers and being a platform where by our people can earn revenue.

We have now expanded our ability to reach the world with a new warehouse location in Miami which makes our logistics much easier. We can now supply to customers worldwide with the all the available shipping options for online purchases. 

This location facilitates immediate shipment of orders worldwide in record time.  

We have now made it possible to have the Caribbean in your kitchen, home, office in one day if this is your choice of shipping. We have seen customers rave about the ability of Shop D Caribbean to deliver.

Shop D ’Caribbean brings to you only the best Caribbean products. We are equipped to ship our products worldwide.