St Lucia Irish Moss / Sea Moss ( 1 lb ) 16 oz

St Lucia Irish Moss / Sea Moss ( 1 lb ) 16 oz


Sea moss and its botanical name is Chondrus crispus. The Chondrus crispussea moss grows on rocks along the coasts of the Atlantic Ocean of Africa, Ireland, the Americas, the Caribbean, and Europe.

The species we stock is known as Eucheuma Cottoni.

Sea moss grows in constantly moving water along the shores of the Ocean and its color varies from greenish-yellow, to brown, to red, to dark purple, to purplish-brown.

Sea moss also contains numerous nutrients that help support the health of the body. 100 grams or 1 1/4 cups of sea moss contains the following nutrients:

  • Iron 8.9 mg 49% DV
  • Magnesium 144 mg 36% DV
  • Manganese 0.4 mg 18% DV
  • Phosphorus 157 mg 16% DV
  • Zinc 1.9 mg 13% DV
  • Calcium 72.0 mg 7% DV
  • Copper 0.1 mg 7% DV
  • Folate 182 mcg 46% DV
  • Riboflavin 0.5 mg 27% DV

Our St Lucia Irish Sea Moss takes about 5 weeks until the seeds have grown to a size good enough to harvest. Everything, from the collection to the propagation, is done by hand in a way that dates back centuries.

Once St Lucia Irish Sea Moss is harvested, it is cleaned and then left to dry under the sun for 3-7 days, depending on temperature and sun availability. This process, called bleaching, allows the Sea Moss to dry and condense for long term storage and packing.

The beauty of our Wildcrafted Sea Moss is in its resilience, so it can maintain nutrients and bounce back once reconstituted.

Due to the natural fluctuations in salinity, nutrients, sunlight, and fresh water in our growing regions, there will be variations in the sea moss depending on the time of harvest. Every batch, and even every package, of sea moss is a unique representation of the natural environment and time it was harvested. For this reason there can be differences in color and size that are completely natural.

Rest assured you are purchasing Premium St Lucian grown Sea Moss online.

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Where Does The Sea Moss Come From?

Our Sea Moss is Harvested by small scale aquaculture farmers in protected waters of St Lucia. These waters are fed nutrients from the nearby volcanic lands. It is then dried using the natural heat from the glorious St Lucia sun.

The Farmers work very closely with the Government to adhere to positive sustainability practices.

Where Can I Buy Sea Moss?

Sea moss can be purchased online at Shop D Caribbean  in it’s dried form . Sea moss from the Caribbean region  contains numerous nutrients that help support the health of the body.


If you are interested in Premium Irish Moss from the Caribbean you have come to the right place. Our Wildcrafted 1 lb Sea Moss is ideal for first time users of this superfood. Buy St Lucia Sea Moss online.

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