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Our wholesale department is committed to helping your business succeed! Our culinary ingredients range from everyday staples to exotic, hard-to-find items. We source our products from around the Caribbean to offer you the highest quality available at an exceptional price.

What our wholesale department can help you with:

• Ordering significant quantities of our spices
• A regular spice supply for a Restaurant, Bakery, or Catering Company
• Carrying our spices in your spice store or specialty shop
• Creating custom proprietary spice blends for your business
• Working with you to customize an order for any of our spices, herbs, seasonings & cooking ingredients.

wholesale caribbean products

Who uses our wholesale services?

Flavor Companies
Food Manufacturers
Spice and Olive Oil Stores
Specialty Stores
Many more

What spices can I purchase wholesale?

Choose from a wide variety of ground, crushed, granulated, and whole spices depending on what your recipes call for. With a flavor for every dish and style of cooking, it’s never been easier to pick out the wholesale spice that you need.

Wholesale Manager
Darrion Louis
[email protected]
La.Fargue, Choiseul, Saint Lucia, LC 10 001

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