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Our wholesale department is committed to helping your business succeed! Our culinary ingredients range from everyday staples to exotic, hard-to-find items. We source our products from around the Caribbean to offer you the highest quality available at an exceptional price.

What our wholesale department can help you with:

• Ordering significant quantities of our spices
• A regular spice supply for a Restaurant, Bakery, or Catering Company
• Carrying our spices in your spice store or specialty shop
• Creating custom proprietary spice blends for your business
• Working with you to customize an order for any of our spices, herbs, seasonings & cooking ingredients.

wholesale caribbean products

Who uses our wholesale services?

Flavor Companies
Food Manufacturers
Spice and Olive Oil Stores
Specialty Stores
Many more

What spices can I purchase wholesale?

Choose from a wide variety of ground, crushed, granulated, and whole spices depending on what your recipes call for. With a flavor for every dish and style of cooking, it’s never been easier to pick out the wholesale spice that you need.

Wholesale Manager
Patricia Palton
(758) 384-6175
La.Fargue, Choiseul, Saint Lucia, LC 10 001

Available in 5, 10, 100, 250, 500 lbs. All prices include FREE shipping within the continental USA. Prices are subject to change.

Wholesale Caribbean Spices

SKUPRODUCTCountry Of Origin5 lbs Cost ( $US)10 lbs Cost ( $US)100 lbs Cost ( $US)250 lbs Cost ($US)500 lbs Cost ( $US)
W1N2UEGWhole NutmegGrenada$30.00$55.00$550.00
G1N2UEGGround NutmegGrenada$35.00$60.00$600.00
G21C12NGround CinnamonGrenada$40.00$75.00$600.00
C23NST2Cinnamon SticksGrenada$35.00$65.00$500.00
G23ALSPGround All SpiceGrenada$37.50$60.00$500.00
COCO12Cocoa BallsGrenada$35.00$70.00$650.00
COCO13Cocoa SticksSaint Lucia$55.00$100.00$850.00
COCO14CocoaSaint Lucia$45.00$95.00$950.00
CUR12PCurry Powder Trinidad $38.00$65.00$500.00
COF331CoffeeSaint Lucia$25.00$45.00$400.00
GIN12GWhole GingerSaint Lucia $20.00$45.00$450.00
CLO23EClovesSaint Lucia$35.00$68.00$680.00

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