Wholesale Full Spectrum Sea Moss 10 lbs

Wholesale Full Spectrum Sea Moss 10 lbs

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Wholesale Full Spectrum Seamoss is the same Seamoss that has been intentionally dried and cured to maintain its natural colour and phytonutrients. We don’t separate the purple, gold, red or green. The full spectrum has a more potent taste as well as more potent effects!

Benefits of Seamoss:

  • Contains nearly all minerals needed for you to thrive
  • Long-lasting energy provided by slow-release carbohydrates
  • Excellent for muscle and joint recovery and strong bones
  • Amazing for hair, nails, skin & bones. It’s better than collagen!
  • Helps boost your metabolism
  • Rich Source of Iodine

Please note that every bag will have a unique mix of the different colours inside. We do not guarantee the perfect mix of colours as seen in the photos. Our Full Spectrum Seamoss is 100% natural and doesn’t contain any preservatives or additives

What’s the difference between Full Spectrum and Signature Seamoss?:

  • Full Spectrum is just dried in the shade to keep its colour
  • Full spectrum has more potent properties in the colours
  • Full spectrum has a stronger ocean taste

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs

2 reviews for Wholesale Full Spectrum Sea Moss 10 lbs

  1. Jasmine Butcher

    I have purchased the full spectrum and I can say it is top quality. It was shipped in a box and I was very satisfied with the quality of the sea moss . Also a very nice blend of all the colors

  2. Curtis Nicolas

    Shop D Caribbean thanks again for adding full spectrum . I have purchased over 100 lbs of gold from Shop D and now they have added full spectrum! My #1 sea moss supplier

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