Nutmed Spray

Nutmed Spray


It is easy to spray on Nut-Med™ and saturate the area. The fragrance is delightful, but doesn’t linger one of the reasons our customers choose nutmed. The oils are the lightest oils found and penetrate the skin to do their work. There is no oily residue and no staining of material. This nutmed product is not tested on animals and the nutmeg used is sustainably grown.

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NutMed Spray

NutMed spray is an amazing fast-acting pain relief product based on the Nutmeg (“Grenada’s Gold”). Noelville Ltd developed this product, now sought after in Senior homes, by Athletes and just about everywhere pain can surface, nutmed will fight it.

This product is distributed internationally and  one of the secrets of the Caribbean Region. The aroma lingers and the sweet smell of nutmeg relaxes the entire body, while the nut-med spray fights the pain at it’s source.

HOW TO USE Nut-Med Spray

Spray Nut-Med Regular Spray liberally over affected areas or massage. Especially relevant the simple applicator makes it easy to spray directly, or you spray into your hand and then apply.

This nutmed provides noticeable relief between one and 15 minutes after application.


Backaches, Muscular Aches and Pains, Neck & Shoulder Pain, Athletic Injuries, Inflammation of Joints, Arthritis, Headaches, and Menstrual Cramps.

Where can I Buy NutMed Spray?

Nutmed spray is available online via Shop D’ Caribbean.In addition, this product is also available for wholesale purchase.


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