Nut-Med Spray Benefits

With Nut-Med™, hundreds of thousands of people are now living more comfortably and enjoying a more active lifestyle.

All Natural Ingredients

Nut-Med™ contains pure essential oils. “Doctor Spray”, Denis Noel of Grenada West Indies, created this unique, patented formula with the perfect blends of wintergreen oil, or peppermint oil, nutmeg oil, coconut oil and sugarcane alcohol. The nutmeg tree is quite a remarkable plant and a main product of Grenada. From it they make jams, jellies, syrups, seasoning and meat preservatives. Even Coca-Cola and Vicks Vapor Rub use it in their formulas. There are no unwanted side effects and Nut-Med™ can be taken safely with other meds. Doctor Spray says, “Spray people you know and spray people you don’t know – they’ll love you for it. It’s like taking the thorn out of the lions paw.”