Natural Mauby Bark

Natural Mauby Bark


The mauby bark comes from a tree belonging to the Rhamnaceae family, which is abundant in many Caribbean islands. The bark from a specific buckthorn bark, Colubrina elliptica, makes a delicious refreshing traditional Caribbean beverage. Boil 4 pieces of bark to one cup of water or to your taste. You can also add Anise Seed, Cloves, cinnamon if you wish, and sugar to taste. Drink as a beverage or makes an excellent mixer for most rums.

This bitter bark is known by more than one name, depending on the island where it is grown or consumed.

The sapwood is light brown and the heartwood is dark brown. The wood is hard and heavy, strong and durable.

The tree is evergreen, usually ten-15 feet high and less than four feet in trunk diameter, with a spreading crown of thin foliage.

The orange-brown bark is smooth on small trunks, but becomes fissured, splitting off the scales. The inner bark is light brown and bitter.


The drink from the mauby bark is quite popular in many Caribbean countries. Only one assertion regarding its health benefits has been clinically studied. According to the University of the West Indies, mauby, especially when combined with coconut milk, may lower blood pressure.

For generations, folk medicine practitioners have claimed all sorts of health benefits of mauby. Some claim it is an aphrodisiac and that it might help for arthritis, for example.
Now a new study appears to give support to an earlier one that mauby might be useful in lowering blood pressure.

It was conducted by Trinidad-born Kwame Amin, a student at The City University of New York’s Borough of Manhattan Community College. “Folk remedies are popular there,” says Trinidad-born Kwame Amin, a second-semester science major at BMCC.

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