Sea MOss Gel REcipe


1 Packet of St Lucian Sea Moss

6 Star Anise 

6 Cinnamon Sticks 

10 Bay Leaves

1 Grated Whole Nutmeg 


  • Put sea moss to soak overnight in water and lemon/lime skin
  • Add water, spices and sugar to a pot and bring it to a broil
  • When it is done, strain the spiced water into a bowl 
  • Rinse and add your sea moss to the spiced water
  • Soak until sea moss becomes translucent
  • Blend until smooth
  • Allow the solution to cool and place it in the refrigerator overnight, allowing it to gel

Sea Moss Gel Recipe Video 

Sea Moss Spices

Sea moss gel ingredients

Sea Moss Health Benefits 


“Sea Moss is a type of algae with a rich mix of vitamins and minerals. Most notably potassium, calcium, and magnesium.

That makes it a favored elixir for treating everything from digestive tract disorders, promoting gut health, helping with ulcers and thyroid disorders, to soothing depression, anxiety, and even ADD—the sea moss benefits are many!

And thanks to that rich concentration of nutrients and vitamins, sea moss also promotes a healthy immune system that helps combat cold and flu.” – Uncommon Caribbean