Frances Rub

Frances Rub


The Product Frances Rub Pain Relief Medicine is a traditional remedy or Fixion” as is commonly called, which has been used to relieve various ailments. Frances Rub Pain Refief Medicine consists of about forty-five different ingredients including a mixture of local herbs, coconut oil, nutmeg, menthol oil and soft- candle.

Users of this product highly recommend it for relieving head and chest colds, asthma, sinus, muscle stiffness, poor circulation, menstrual pains and even for temporary relief from tooth aches by rubbing it on the outside of the mouth. The product has been widely distributed in St. Lucia since 2012 and is carried by the leading pharmacies and supermarkets on island.

Frances Rub Pain Relief Medicine (Fixion) is produced by St. Lucian born, Mrs. Frances Severin. The product was initially developed when her grandson had a terrible head cold. After making the first mixture and with the remarkable results, she began to share it with other family members and friends for different ailments and this spurred the production for local market.




My name is Frances Severin and my product the Frances’ Rub Pain Relief Medicine (Fixion) has been in circulation from since 2012. I started the business after my Grand-Son Jaylian had a really bad head cold for weeks when he was a about 18 months and I prepared the fixion for him gave it to his mom, my daughter to rub him with and after a few day the cold was almost gone. My daughter then told one of her co-workers about what the product did for her son and she asked for some and she tried it. The Frances Rub did well for my daughter’s co-worker also and then my daughter told me why I don’t start selling the product.


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