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Please Note: We ship our breadfruit fresh, every Monday. All orders are taken as pre-orders. 

St Lucia Wholesale Breadfruit 

Our Breadfruits are grown on the fertile lands of St Lucia in the West Indies and shipped to our customers safely with all the freshness and flavour of our land. St Lucia  has it all when it comes to tropical food and exotic fruits !

Unripe, firm breadfruits taste similar to potatoes and can be used as such. they are commonly prepared as a cooked vegetable in numerous dishes and form an essential part of Asian curries. Fruits are also roasted, baked, stuffed, or mashed. Ripe, sweet tasting breadfruits are used in desserts.

Breadfruit is often referred to as a 'tropical potato' is related to mulberry, fig and jackfruit.


Where Can I Buy Breadfruit?

Shop D Caribbean has to be the most reliable website to buy breadfruit online as we supply directly from the source to you. You are able to purchase immediately and your breadfruit is shipped to you.

We supply our breadfruit straight from the island of St Lucia.


History of Breadfruit

Caribbean legend has said for decades that it originated in the South Pacific and was brought to the Caribbean from Tahiti by Captain Bligh in the late 1700s. Bligh was an officer in the British Royal Navy. It is known as the food that "can feed the world".

Ripe breadfruit has creamy to yellow flesh, with a custard-like texture and is sweet to taste, similar to jackfruit, corn and durian.

Cooked breadfruit has a bread-like texture and aroma with a flavour that is between potato, artichoke and chestnut.

Breadfruit Tree Yield

Breadfruit is one of the highest-yielding food plants, with a single tree producing up to 200 or more grapefruit-sized fruits per season, requiring limited care.

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