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    Discovering St. Lucian Farine: A Culinary Treasure

    What is Cassava Farine?

    Farine is a derivative of cassava, a root vegetable central to Caribbean cuisine. The cassava plant undergoes a meticulous process of being sliced, grated, and parched over an open flame before it transforms into “farine.” In St. Lucia, this versatile ingredient is often paired with ripe avocado and spices to create a delightful treat that reflects the island's rich culinary heritage.

    Cassava's Historical Significance

    Cassava has been a staple in the diets of the Amerindian people who inhabited the Caribbean long before Christopher Columbus arrived. In St. Lucia, the traditions of making farine and cassava bread have been preserved for generations, with many villages continuing to process cassava in traditional ways.

    The Making of Cassava Farine

    Plas Kassav, a small factory in St. Lucia, offers guided tours where visitors can witness the traditional methods of making cassava farine and bread. The process begins early in the morning and takes approximately six hours.

    The Step-by-Step Process:

    1. Early Start: The day begins around 7 am with cleaning the facility and preparing the cassava.
    2. Peeling and Grating: The cassava is peeled, grated using an automated grater, and pressed to extract the liquid.
    3. Sifting and Parching: The grated cassava is sifted, and the farine is parched in a large iron pot.
    4. Baking: The farine flour is used to make cassava bread, baked in a traditional oven.

    A Visit to Plas Kassav

    Visitors to Plas Kassav can see the entire process, from the raw cassava to the final product. Henry, a master of this traditional craft, demonstrates making the flat, brown cakes that are cooked in a traditional oven. On average, Plas Kassav produces and sells over 100 cakes a day, meeting the high demand for this authentic St. Lucian delicacy.

    Experience St. Lucian Cuisine

    Cassava farine and bread are more than just foods; they are a testament to the resilience and cultural richness of St. Lucia. By preserving these traditional methods, St. Lucians continue to honor their heritage and share it with the world. Visitors are encouraged to explore these culinary traditions, tasting the flavors and experiencing the history of this beautiful island.

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    No, our sea moss is St. Lucian - the #1 sea moss in terms of quality.

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