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Dried Caribbean Seasoning Peppers

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Caribbean Seasoning Peppers

What Are Caribbean Seasoning Peppers?

Dried pimento peppers are also known as seasoning peppers. This pepper is adored by Caribbean people and is easily the most popular cooking pepper in the Caribbean Region.

Trinidadians, St Lucians and Guyanese have a long history of making this pepper an important ingredient in many dishes.

How Are The Peppers Dried?

In the Caribbean these peppers are grown seasonally. Whole Foods Caribbean have made seasoning peppers available all year.

The peppers are dehydrated. This enables for a very long shelf life and keeps the flavor and quality. 

What Does The Caribbean Seasoning Peppers Taste Like?

It has the flavour of extremely hot peppers but almost no heat!

Great for making a mild sauce or salsa or used to be a tastier substitute for where you might apply bell peppers. Chop it up and add to your omelet, salads, beans or stews !

You will not be disappointed with their flavour as it is a sweet, almost smoky pepper that tastes of fruity tropical.

And don’t get us started on their aroma because it is one of the best amazing smells we have smelled in our lives when cooking them! 

It turns from light green to dark red or orange red. The elongated peppers can get over 3 inches in length and about 1/2 inch in diameter.

How To Use Caribbean Seasoning Peppers 

While the pot is on a low fire add a whole green or red pepper and let simmer for a few minutes. That way the flavor is added without the heat.

Dried Caribbean Seasoning Peppers

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Trini Lucian
This made my pork stew smell just like how grandma …

This made my pork stew smell just like how grandma kitchens smell back home in Trinidad

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