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Bois Bande Tea Bag

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Bois Bande “hard wood” tea bag is a 100% natural tea bag with no preservatives or added ingredients, the bark of the tree of the same name.

This tree is found in St Lucia, Grenada and some other Caribbean islands.

Our Bois Bande tea bag is 100% natural bark made into tea bags. This is not a synthetic or altered product.

There are no documented harmful side effects, however we suggest use in moderation as there is anecdotal evidence of some users having a “really hard time” .

Although this product is popular for its sexual potency, it is believed to have other great values such as blood purification, promotes good blood flow (of course), and combats urinary tract infections.

Bois Bande goes to work immediately after it has been taken, and remains effective 2 - 3 days later. For about 300 years, tropical men and women have been brewing a herbal tea from the bark of this unique, tropical herb known as Bois Bande (Richeria grandis ) to enhance their sexual performance.

Prostate cancer is extremely rare among the men of the tropics who drink this herbal tea.

It is evident that the Islanders have been using Boís Bande for hundreds of years before and may have been, as far back as, the days of slavery and that of the early Kalinago settlements in the new world. It may have been brought in from South America to the New World.

It is suspected that Viagra, and its close cousins Levitra and Cialis were synthesized from the chemical properties of this plant.

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