Caribbean Food Wholesale Distributor

Our wholesale department is committed to helping your business succeed!

The wholesale Caribbean products we supply range from Caribbean spices, everyday staples to exotic hard-to-find fruits and ground provisions. 

In recent times we have been the leading wholesale sea moss supplier of St Lucian Sea Moss.

We source our food products from around the Caribbean to offer you the highest quality available from our region.WHOLESALEWHOLESALEWHOLESALE


Where Can I purchase Wholesale Caribbean Product?

We have remained determined to working with you to customise your order for any of our spices, herbs, seasonings & cooking ingredients. If the products is listed on our website we can definitely supply in wholesale quantities and ship worldwide.

Whatever your business model is we will work with you to ensure we become your most trusted and reliable supplier for Caribbean products and food.

Via email or phone call we will arrange the details and finalise your wholesale order.

Who uses Our Wholesale Products?

Online Stores | Amazon Sellers | Restaurants | Farmers Markets | Bakeries

Caterers | Breweries | Exporters | Supermarkets | Flavor Companies

Food Manufacturers | Spice and Olive Oil Stores | Specialty Stores


What spices can I Purchase Wholesale?

Choose from a wide variety of ground, crushed, granulated, and whole spices depending on what you so desire.

We supply wholesale Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Star Anise, Cocoa Stick, All Spice, Mauby Bark, Bois Bande.

Our spices come from the ” Spice Isle ” of Grenada.

With a flavor for every dish and style of cooking, it’s never been easier to pick out the wholesale spice that you need.

where I can Purchase Wholesale?

St Lucia has always boasted some of the best Caribbean Sea Moss. Four years ago, we started with small parcels of sea moss and eventually as the demand grew we started supplying bulk sea moss.

Many online stores, amazon sellers, supermarkets we consistently supply.

We can supply bulk sea moss from 200 pounds (lbs) and more at the very best prices.

Our shipping methods will ensure swift delivery of bulk orders. We also ensure a certificate is attached to your shipment that confirms the species and quality.  


  • Please indicate the quantities you are interested in purchasing.
  • In order to provide an accurate shipping cost we would need your complete address. ( Please include the airport nearest to you. )
  • Send in your request !