Dried Cinnamon Leaves

Dried Cinnamon Leaves


Cinnamon leaves, botanically known as Cinnamonum verum, is a member of the Lauraceae family,Fresh Cinnamon leaves are fragrant and give off a lighter cinnamon smell and taste than cinnamon bark when used in teas or cooking. When eaten they have a hot, pungent taste. Cinnamon leaves are commonly pruned from the trees and left to dry for several days before being processed for Cinnamon leaf oil.  

Cinnamon leaves have a matte finish and become olive in color and resemble bay leaves. . Cinnamon leaves can be used for culinary as well as medicinal purposes.Cinnamon leaves are used to flavor stews, pilafs and curries. It is also used as a flavoring agent for baked goods and desserts.  

Historically, the leaves were used for medicinal purposes. When used for medicinal or aromatherapy purposes, the leaf is usually distilled into an oil.The history of Cinnamon stretches back to ancient Egypt where it was used for medicinal and embalming purposes. It was used as incense as well. It is said to originate from Sri Lanka, and the Malabar coast of India. It is also found in Madagascar, Comoros Islands, Burma, South America and the West Indies. Cinnamon was so precious at one point in history that it was considered more valuable than gold 

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