Doreeville WinnersBrand Small

Doreeville WinnersBrand Small


Whenever you wear the winners brand you are sure to promote a sense of resilience and in the words of Nelson Mandela ” It always seems impossible until it’s done.” 

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During times of slavery, River Doree was known for its sugar plantation. The idea behind Doreeville is to use the concept of this struggle our forefathers endured during slavery as a point of reference in our history to remind ourselves that we should never stop fighting towards equality and a world that’s is prized on not giving up no matter how gloom the road ahead may seem.

“Never, Never Give Up” which is attributed to all our products is there to remind us that the race is not for the swift but those who can endure.

Historically, ships would enter the mouth of the river to collect cargo from the sugar plantations, which would then be transported to Europe.

In our times we aim to use the same concept, it is now time for you to collect your Doreeville reminder that amazing products do still come from the shores of the Caribbean Region. The Doreeville movement is here to be an ever present reminder that you only fail when you give up.

River Doree with at least 2 beaches, stunning sea views, a crystal clear river and historical artefacts the brand aims to translate this to our clothing and accessories from the island of Saint Lucia.

As the years went by and slavery got abolished River Doree became a small fishing village and still is today. We bring you amazing clothing from these very shores.


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