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Cinnamon Powder From The Caribbean

With its mild woody, exotic flavor and delicate, delightful aroma, cinnamon and cinnamon powder are arguably among the most popular spices used in cuisines around the world. While this spice is obtained in abundance in the South-East Asian region, it cannot compare to the high quality of the cinnamon powder that is obtained from Grenada.

The Best Cinnamon Powder

Once you’ve tasted the organic, authentic cinnamon powder from this amazing spice island, there’s no going back!

What makes Grenadian cinnamon powder so special?

The cinnamon powder from Grenada are the real deal. They are harvested from the inner bark of the mature cinnamon tree and are light in color and soft in texture. They are also sweeter, have a more delicate flavor and are higher in quality than cassia, which is often mistaken for cinnamon. There is absolutely no comparison between the two!

The cinnamon can be used whole or ground and is to flavor a wide range of cuisines and concoctions from beverages and baked foods to jellies, jams, pickles and puddings. It is also the key ingredient in several popular dishes and cocktails in different parts of the world. Can you imagine biting into a cinnamon roll or sipping on a refreshing Caribbean Rum Punch without cinnamon?

Why settle for second best when you can get the best?

The best quality Grenadian cinnamon powder are now available online from Shop D’Caribbean. Order yours today!

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