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This cocoa stick, made from naturally ground beans. The perfect base for a Saint Lucian cocoa tea – just add water, milk, cinnamon and vanilla. Anjay’s cocoa prides itself in crafting the finest, all natural product with cocoa beans harvested from the island of Saint Lucia.

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Cocoa stick are made from cocoa beans that are roasted, shelled and crushed. Then sticks are shaped and left to dry. The sticks are pure unsweetened cocoa, sometimes with addition of some spices such as cinnamon or nutmeg. Cocoa sticks are usually grated just before use, similar to cocoa powder.

Our cocoa stick is made from 100% whole cocoa beans for maximum health benefits. A local luxury super-food product with and, from certain producers, without the added spices (grated).

You can think of cocoa tea just like your morning cup of coffee, except instead of roasted coffee beans, it’s brewed with our St Lucian Cocoa sticks ideal for making St Lucian Cocoa Tea.

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  1. Mariette Wickham

    We visited St Lucian in 2018 and my wife and I were amazed by the cocoa tea made at our resort . when we returned to Canada we did a google search and came across shop d caribbean, we decided to give them a try and we got EXACTLY the same cocoa stick at our resort.

    We now make St Lucia Cocoa Tea at home. My kids love the natural cocoa smell and taste, we visited a site in st lucia where we saw the process of making these sticks , it is REAL cocoa !

  2. Koshelly Amrit

    Best time to have it. I live in Texas. I need not tell you how important hot chocolate is these days!

    Real cocoa for sure. It’s real cocoa

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