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During times of slavery, River Doree was known for its sugar plantation. The idea behind Doreeville is to use the concept of this struggle our forefathers endured during slavery as a point of reference in our history to remind ourselves that we should never stop fighting towards equality and a world that’s is prized on not giving up no matter how gloom the road ahead may seem.

“Never, Never Give Up” which is attributed to all our products is there to remind us that the race is not for the swift but those who can endure.

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Noelville LTD

Over the years, traditional herbalists have used nutmeg oil for its soothing properties. Noelville Ltd, in consultation with specialists involved in the pharmaceutical and medical professions, has done intensive research which has resulted in the product NUT-MED™. This product is a blend of plant extracts with the refreshing scent of nutmeg. When those natural ingredients are combined together in their precise amounts and dispersed in alcohol it brings soothing comfort to areas of the body experiencing stress.

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The Product Frances Rub is a traditional remedy or Fixion” as is commonly called, which has been used to relieve various ailments. Frances Rub consists of about forty-five different ingredients including a mixture of local herbs, coconut oil, nutmeg, menthol oil and soft- candle.

Users of this product highly recommend it for relieving head and chest colds, asthma, sinus, muscle stiffness, poor circulation, menstrual pains and even for temporary relief from tooth aches by rubbing it on the outside of the mouth. The product has been widely distributed in St. Lucia since 2012 and is carried by the leading pharmacies and supermarkets on island.

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We are wholesalers and retailers of manufactured natural food products in St Lucia. We have a range of punches and snacks for you to give you the taste of the best of the Caribbean.

Our owner, Shondell’s Abby Alexander, is proud to bring to St Lucia, a range of savoury and sweet Caribbean treats and fantastic alcoholic and non alcoholic blends to fulfil the diverse needs of our broad customer base. Abby’s Exotic Blends believes in delivering quality products and great service.
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We are a small business producing small batches of our original handcrafted soap, hand poured, hand cut, wrapped and stamped.

Karen Hippolyte (aka: ‘Kay’ ), founder of Kayribbean Handcrafted Soaps lives with the inspiration that naturally, beautiful skin does not have to be complicated. Our soaps are a natural alternative to the moisture and balance that your skin needs to repair itself. No artificial chemicals are used in the production just the finest ingredients to nurture and nourish your skin, we didn’t stop there, we now carry deodorants, lip balms and body wash.

Please browse our website for that special bar of soap or let us design and custom manufacture a unique soap for you, your business or any special occasion. They also make perfect gifts.

If you have never tried homemade soaps, deodorants and lipbalms, you and your skin are in for a real treat!  It is a celebration of the best of Mother Earth’s tropical bounty, your skins’ answer to natural bliss.

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When Hurricane Tomas ravaged the local community in Saint Lucia’s agricultural breadbasket, six women were determined to rebuild it, one grain at a time. Rain Forest Foods is located near Soufriere Town, Fond St Jacques is a small agricultural village with roots in sugar plantations. Today it is a vibrant community growing various crops. But that wasn’t always the case. In 2010, Hurricane Tomas passed 40 miles south of
St Lucia devastating the island. The small community of Fond St Jacques was the hardest hit.

It was feared that some parts of the district would never recover. In the aftermath, six locals bounded together, determined to bring prosperity back to their village. Lydia Cazaubon, Magdalena George, Shernell Joseph, Mary Steva, Roseabelle Josep and Michaela Phillip partnered with local farmers to create Rainforest Foods Ltd, the first all-women run business in the community. Their goal was to create a sustainable income for the women of the community, by producing handmade batches of cereal.

Rainforest Foods now produces five granola products made of locally grown sweet potato, breadfruits, coconut, coconut oil, honey and spices. In addition to using seeds, they’re planting some as well, ensuring their business promotes growth in their community. Proceeds contribute to the education and capacity building of their employees, to which they provide training
in business management, marketing, food safety and IT.