Moringa Soap

Moringa Soap


Jess soaps are among the most reputed brand of local Grenadian soaps. The soaps are produced using moringa with essential oils. The moringa soap it gives a rich lather and leaves skin cleansed and refreshed. A firm believer in protecting the environment and boosting local trade, the entire range of Jess soaps is 100% locally made, which adds immensely to their appeal. 
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Caribbean Moringa Soap

The Caribbean Moringa Soap is produced with moringa and essential oils. The moringa soap it gives a rich lather and leaves skin cleansed and refreshed.

The entire range of the soaps are 100% locally made. Customers can be sure that they are contributing to boosting local trade and protecting the environment .

Anything that is made entirely in the Caribbean contains a vibrant and sensuous appeal and these local Caribbean soaps do not disappoint.

Moringa Tree

Moringa has moisturizing and nourishing properties. Also it has an excellent cleansing ability which makes it a great active ingredient in skin care products.

We have combined this excellent herb with cocoa butter a natural antioxidant that clears and smoothes the skin.


Cocoa butter contains no petroleum, in addition no preservatives or harsh chemicals. Add all of this to our 100% coconut oil base and you end up with a superb skin care product.

Handmade Caribbean Soaps

Most of all why settle for regular scented soaps when you can refresh your senses with uniquely scented local Grenadian soaps?

Online Shop D’Caribbean carries a wide range of local Grenadian soaps so you can take your pick! A gift of local Grenadian soaps to family and friends will never go unappreciated.

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